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How do I know my cosmetics are safe?

Haircare, skincare and toiletry are all cosmetic products which are all used in our daily routines to keep us clean, maintain healthy skin and teeth and to look good and smell nice. UK laws that ensure the safety of these types of product call them 'cosmetics' and this is the term we use throughout our website.


Cosmetics include shampoos; hair dyes; moisturisers and cleansers; anti-ageing creams; antiperspirants; sunscreens; oral hygiene products such as toothpastes; and fine fragrances and other perfumery products.


Cosmetics are applied directly to skin, hair and nails so it is crucial that they are safe to use. Years of scientific research and testing goes into making each and every item in our bathroom cabinets and make-up bags.


It takes whole teams of scientists to develop just one new product and we want you to be totally reassured that all cosmetics made and sold by The Cornish Scent Company have gone through the same rigours testing and approval.


All cosmetic products supplied throughout the UK must be safe. The safety laws controlling cosmetic products are extremely stringent. In the UK, the manufacture and supply of cosmetics is governed by the UK Cosmetics Regulation, which is part of UK consumer product safety legislation. Compliance is mandatory.


All ingredients must be safe to use and ingredients are regularly reviewed by independent scientists. If an ingredient was found to be unsafe as it is used in a cosmetic product, it would be banned for use.


Every new product The Cornish Scent Company makes must undergo a full safety assessment before it is allowed on the shelves and this is a strict requirement under UK cosmetics law, which also provides guidance on how this safety assessment must be carried out. It also specifies that cosmetic products must not damage our health when used normally.


Safety assessments may only be carried out by certain qualified professionals and must cover the finished product, all of the ingredients and how products will be used. The requirements for safety assessors are so stringent that there are only around 400 or so in the whole of the UK. They must be specifically qualified and have appropriate experience to make the assessment.


All cosmetic, toiletry and perfumery products placed on the market in the UK are regulated by strict UK legislation, the Product Safety and Metrology Regulations (Schedule 34) 2020, otherwise known as the UK Cosmetics Regulation. The primary purpose of these laws is to protect human safety. The manufacturer or supplier of the cosmetic product is responsible for ensuring it is safe and each cosmetic must be assessed for safety by a duly qualified safety assessor before it is made available to the public.


The UK Cosmetics Regulation also controls what may or may not be put in a cosmetic. There are lists of substances that must not be present and lists of substances that may be used as ingredients subject to particular restrictions. For example, some ingredients must not exceed a certain level or may only be used in rinse-off products.


All of the information we are required to display on labels for your safety is available on the website also for you to be able to see at the point of sale. Our aim is to ensure our products are 100% safe for you and your family and we take this extremely serious and that’s why we have created this blog for your information.