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My journey 😍🙏

The journey I’ve had from when I started my business until now will be one I’ll never forget.


When I started my own business, I had:


🎀No knowledge or experience of network marketing whatsoever.

🎀A small following on Instagram and a small number of Facebook friends.

🎀No real-life business experience.


But, what I did have was:

🎀 A heck of a lot of ambition and determination to make my little business work for me.

🎀An open mind and a desire to succeed. I give 100% to everything I put my mind to, so even when people tried to say to me that I would fail, I was (and still am) determined to prove them wrong.

🎀A willingness to learn and to put into practice all the tips and advice given to me by my partner Rob and coach.


And, it is because of this that I now have:

✔️ Much greater self-confidence and confidence in talking to new people.

✔️ Something to give me routine and daily focus.

✔️ A brand that people are starting to know and love.

✔️ A rapidly growing customer base of customers who fall in love with my products and come back for more.

✔️ The freedom and ability to treat my family and me when I want to.


I have seen massive change. Before I started my business, I was pretty shy and nervous about speaking to new people, but the nervousness has very much lessened although not gone away completely. When I think back, I was determined right from the beginning, but I didn’t think I’d ever get to the point I am now.


Don’t get me wrong; it’s taken consistency, perseverance and dedication to get to this point, It hasn’t happened overnight by any means, but what it has done is change my life in so many ways. So much so that the list of reasons I have for continuing my business is far longer on the list of reasons for giving up will ever be.


I am not willing to give up easily, especially not with how far I’ve come and how much it’s changed my life for the better. My business means the world to me.


I’m not a quitter. I’m a FIGHTER! 💪🏻✌🏻