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The Cornish Scent Company

It’s official we now own the title “The Cornish Scent Company”.

After the challenges of the last few months with scentsation-handmade being threatened by a large American brand to withdraw our trademark application, there has never been a greater sense of relief than receiving the official documentation to say that THE CORNISH SCENT COMPANY is OUR brand.  

We have been working hard behind the scenes on our new website which will be launching real soon. It’s an unreal amount of work! We have new product photos being taken in the new year, and we are so excited to be able share these with you. 

We have been beavering away getting the designs finalised for the new moulds, labels and packaging and it’s safe to say we are nearly there.  After a little hick up we have now found the perfect business to print our labels for us which really are of superior quality.  Our custom made moulds will be made by the same company as before, we love their ethos and their service is second to non which allows us to give you the perfectly crafted soaps and shampoos.

This re brand is really going to be next level for us, you and Cornwall.  We have a ensured our brand really shows you how all of our products are inspired by our wonderful county.  We want to put that into your beautiful homes, this alongside designer presentation, affordable prices, and keeping our products and packaging eco friendly, you really know you are onto a winner.

This year is going to be the year we meet so many more of you in person, as well as being an e-commerce store we are booking in several fairs and markets, we want to connect with you, chat with you and share the real love for artisan crafted products with you in person. 

Let’s make 2022 the best year yet!! 

sarah xx