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Scented Vacuum & Bin Discs festive

Scented Vacuum & Bin Discs festive

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Our luxury vacuum discs do an amazing job of freshening your home as you clean. 

These will come in a pack of 6 disks and will have a large selection of available scents.

How to use:

Simply pop one or two discs into the space by your air filter in your vacuum cleaner to fragrance the circulating air as you vacuum.

These are also awesome to pop in the bottom of the bin between the bin and bag for a steady release of fragrance.

Please note the discs may feel damp but that is fine. They are heavily impregnated with luxury fragrance oil, just be sure to wash hands well after handling and keep away from children and pets at all times. 

We strongly recommend checking with your vacuum manufacturer for any usage risks before using this product, we will not accept liability for any damage to vacuums caused by misuse.