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Bathroom & cosmetics scent descriptions

UPLIFTING (E’Mann Gorrans)

A really sweet bubblegum fragrance to energise the mind and boost your spirit and bring back your happy vibe.



A super sweet jelly bean fragrance to ignite happy memories and increase alertness.


RELAX (Diskwitha)

One of the most amazing fragrances, a beautiful floral with hints of jasmine, rose and freesia with delicate undertones of sparkling pomegranate, musky vanilla and a sprinkling of patchouli to help truly relax and calm your mind.


ENRICH (Rychee)

A classic masculine fragrance to leave you feeling invigorated.



A fragrance that is a deliciously sweet blend of cherry blossom, white musk and tangerine with hints of  peach, strawberry, raspberry and bergamot to help reduce any anxiety and help your zen.


AWAKEN (Difun)

A delicious sweet, and powdery lemon fragrance to help you feel refreshed and revived.



A warm summery fragrance, reminiscent of sweet and juicy, plump red raspberries, loganberries, strawberries, blackberries and cherries all complimented by a sweet, sugary, vanilla base to help increase concentration levels.


BALANCE (Kespos) 

Transform your cosmetics into an inner sanctuary with our balance scent, made from a sweet, juicy fruity fragrance to help balance your mind and find your state of calm.


AID MEMORY (Gweres kov) 

A blend of scents which can help you to perform at the best of your ability with fresh mint for memory recall, zingy fruits for increased concentration levels and herbs for mental alertness.


BREATH EASY (Hwyth Attes) 

The breath easy shower steamers uses the power of aromatherapy to bring you the bend it’s of eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol to help you unblock your sinuses and wash away the stress and strains of the day.


DREAMY TIME (Hunros Prys)

Drift off to La La Land with this amazingly fragrant Baby Freesia, Lavender & Sweet Pea fragrances, the Dreamy time Shower Steamer helps to induce sleep and calm the body and mind.


BE HAPPY (Bos Lowen)

Made with sweet orange oil, the Happy Shower Steamer energises the mind and uplifts the spirits.


COOL DOWN ( Goyeyn goon) 

A luxury blend of white florals fragranced on creamy tuberose, sensual gardenia and delicate orange blossom, the cool down Shower Steamer reduces feelings of anxiety and helps you to focus.