Aroma beads festive
Aroma beads festive
Aroma beads festive

Aroma beads festive

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Aroma Beads are the perfect answer to air fresheners.  The Cornish Scent Company Aroma Beads will outlast any other air freshener due to the amount of fragrance oil they absorb.

For totally awesome fragrance release, place you Aroma Beads in a window sill on a warm sunny day. Aroma Beads scent throw is based on air circulation. This is the procedure for scent to permeate through a room.

Some possible uses for Aroma Beads:
1. Favors at receptions
2. Fundraisers
3. Perfect for gym lockers and kit bags
4. For teenager’s stinky shoes
5. Car air fresheners
6. Aromatherapy anywhere
7. Closets and drawers
8. Hang a sachet bag filled with aroma beads in front of any air vent. This will have a great scent throw due to the abundance of air flow through the vents.

Aroma Bead NO NO’s:
• Never set the aroma beads on finished surfaces, painted surfaces, or plastic surfaces unprotected. The fragrance oil could harm the serface.
• Do not use in a tart warmer or electric potpourri burner. Aroma beads are not meant to be burnt or heated electrically. They are composed of plastic and will melt!
• Keep out of the reach of children and pets.
• Never try to use Aroma Beads as candle wax.