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10 Ways to Use Home Fragrance to Add Luxury to Your Day



Close your eyes and picture this…. You walk into a well appointed home. It has that freshly decorated look and is neat and clean. There’s art on the walls and pillows lined up on the sofa. The colors are neutral and there’s nothing out of place.

Now picture walking into the same home with fresh baked cookies coming out of the oven!


Totally  more appealing and inviting, isn’t it? The first was lovely but the second adds a whole new dimension of pleasure to the experience don’t you agree?


Home Fragrance


It’s impossible to overstate the importance of fragrance in your home. Many of you have told me that you enjoy when I highlight small pleasures, and undoubtedly, adding fragrance to the home is a sure way to add these little luxuries to your life. Here are  10 ways to use home fragrance to perk up your day.


Aroma beads


What a delight for your sense when you’re rushing hurriedly to get dressed in the morning, to open your lingerie drawer and be greeted by a lovely scent wafting softly into the morning air.  We offer these in a range of scents which are guaranteed to suit your mood.


Room spray


There’s no question, anything that is able to quickly scent a room within seconds is a bonus. Choose from a calm relaxing scent or one to uplift your senses. Cosy cottage is always a great scent we use in the hall way before we welcome guests into our home.


Scented candles


There are people who use candles and people who don’t. If you’re the latter, you don’t know what your missing.  I light candles regularly and so the scents I select really matter to me and equally so important that I have the right selection for you to choose from. I use them when I soak in the tub or just curl up on the sofa with a book. I use them when I entertain or when I’m home alone on a rainy day.  Infact we believe there is no moment that’s not better shared with a candle.


Fragrant soaps


When I was a kid soap was put out in the guest bath and no one would think of using them. I still think they look pretty out on display and it’s nice that they add subtle fragrance to the room, but now I’m a grown up I I also love to actually use soaps. Any time you can elevate a basic daily ritual to a pleasurable experience is a moment I consider a little luxury. The more your home bath resembles a spa, the better, don’t you agree?


Fresh flowers


The  most obvious, and most beautiful way to add fragrance to your home is with fresh flowers. I think there’s a simple mindset shift that happens when you make this decision, and something you previously viewed as frivolous becomes as sensible as buying coffee. The more aromatic varieties are often the most pleasant, from lilacs and lilies of the valley to hyacinths and jasmine.


Pillow mist


Another simple pleasure that adds so much joy is spraying linens with pillow mist, our dreamy time spray adds serenity to your bedtime routine and to calm the room.  I love crisp white sheets that have been misted with dreamy time spray, the scent of lavender and sweet pea is phenomenal.


Dried lavender


There’s just something so delightful about the vision of lavender and when presented in dried bundles, it instantly transports me to a French country town. It’s the soft purple color, the little neat stacks, but especially the gentle aroma that relaxes us so. I always keep dried lavender in my home and I love walking past it and catching that whispered scent that tells us intuitively to slow down and enjoy.


8 and 9. Potpourri and fragrance oils


Perhaps the very first home fragrance that caught my attention, even as a teenager I became entranced by potpourri. When enhanced with oils it becomes all the more exhilarating. It looks pretty displayed in a charming container, whether a vintage dish or large fruit bowl.  My favourite is wild bluebell.


Fresh herbs


When speaking of fragrance in the home we cannot forget about foods, and bit of fresh basil or coriander when cooking is a delight.

And what about those fresh baked cookies? I say go for it, as often as possible!

Don’t forget if you are anything like me though and want to rid your home of cooking smells once you are full, our lemongrass and ginger scent is a great hit for this.