Collection: Coast “Arvor” home fragrance collection

Experience the Serenity of the Cornish Coast with Aqua Jasmine, Rose, and Cedarwood. This captivating fragrance captures the essence of coastal calm, taking you on a sensory journey of tranquility.

Inhale the crisp and invigorating notes of aqua, transporting you to the sea's edge, where waves gently spray, rejuvenating your senses. At the heart, the enchanting aroma of jasmine and rose blossoms unfolds, evoking grace and elegance, like a hidden garden along the coastline. The floral bouquet harmonizes with aqua, creating a symphony of scents that immerse you in calmness.

As the fragrance settles, comforting cedarwood emerges, grounding the composition with its woody tones, embodying strength amidst life's ebb and flow.

The interplay of aqua, jasmine, rose, and cedarwood creates a serene homage to the Cornish Coast, whispering of tranquility and inviting moments of peaceful contemplation in nature's beauty.

Let the ethereal embrace of the Cornish Coast fragrance transport you to a place of serenity by the sea. Immerse yourself in its delicate composition and find inner peace and harmony in its aromatic melodies.