What makes The Cornish Scent Company so special

Sarah started making her own candles and wax melts back in 2017 from her home in Cornwall to save money and to gain a hobby whist she was a single parent with her first child Oscar.

She started with a small kit worth £50, not intending to start a business, just to enjoy more affordable products for herself and to enjoy making with her son. Word of mouth spread through friends and family with demand for orders growing and lots of encouragement from friends Sarah decided to set up a little side line business. This little sideline grew organically and during this time she met her wonderful partner Robert.

In 2019 Sarah fell pregnant with her second child and suffered extreme hyperemesis leading her to have to put the business on hold to focus on the pregnancy. Baby Jacob was born in 2020 and Since then sarah has been able to relaunch her business and start selling her products nationwide and internationally, the next goal in her business is to provide to retail shops.

All products continue to be hand poured by Sarah in her home in Cornwall. My core focus has always been on quality of fragrance, beautiful packaging and affordability for families.

Since starting my business venture I have recognised the foot print that home fragrance products can leave and therefore am constantly striving to use packaging that is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable. I want you to be able to enjoy our products knowing they are environmental friendly too.

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