About us

Welcome to The Cornish Scent Company - Your Source for Exquisite Handmade Fragrances

Thank you for taking the time to explore The Cornish Scent Company, where we proudly embody our core family values as an independent, family-run business in the enchanting landscapes of west Cornwall. Our name reflects our commitment to delivering products that resonate with your soul.

Indulge in the essence of Cornwall with our highly scented home and personal fragrances, thoughtfully crafted to capture the essence of our stunning surroundings. Each of our products is lovingly hand-poured in small, expertly curated batches by our skilled home fragrance artisans.

Incorporating the local culture is close to our hearts, which is why you'll find the Cornish translation alongside each scent name on our website. We believe that experiencing the luxury of Cornwall's handmade delights should be accessible to all, and our mission is to bring the captivating spirit of our county into the embrace of your beautiful homes.

For those curious about the stories behind our scents and our journey, head over to our blog posts. Discover how our fragrances have the enchanting power to ignite cherished memories and create lasting impressions.

At The Cornish Scent Company, we take pride in customizing some of our products to order, ensuring each creation receives the utmost attention to detail and rigorous quality checks. While our typical dispatch time is one week, please understand that on rare occasions, our dedication to perfection may slightly extend the delivery period. Rest assured, we'll keep you informed throughout the process.

Thank you for choosing to embark on this fragrant journey with The Cornish Scent Company. Your satisfaction is paramount to us, and we're here to assist you in any way we can. Should you require any help or guidance, feel free to reach out to us at info@thecornishscentcompany.com. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your shopping experience is delightful and memorable.

Concerned about product safety? We've got you covered. All our non-cosmetic products comply with the GPSR (General Product Safety Regulations) 2005 and CLP (European Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008). Safety data sheets for all our fragrances are available upon request. Moreover, our cosmetic products fully adhere to the EU Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009.

While rare, on the occasion that a scent you select happens to be temporarily out of stock, we'll promptly contact you to discuss the best course of action.

Thank you once again for choosing The Cornish Scent Company. We're honored to be a part of your fragrant journey, and we look forward to enchanting your senses with the essence of Cornwall's finest scents.