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The Cornish Scent Company

Aroma Oil Garden

Aroma Oil Garden

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Step into the enchanting embrace of our Cornish country garden scent, inspired by the vibrant blooms and aromatic treasures found in a traditional cottage garden. Crafted with love, our aroma oil brings the essence of a picturesque garden to life. Juicy plum evokes luscious fruits, while delicate fuchsia adds floral elegance. Warm cinnamon brings a cozy embrace, and earthy patchouli grounds the fragrance with a sense of nature. Immerse yourself in this delightful blend, transported to a serene world of tranquility and beauty. Experience the captivating scent of a Cornish country garden and infuse your space with the essence of rustic tranquility. Shop today and enjoy the magic of a blossoming haven wherever you go.

Net 10ml

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