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Single wick Spring candle

Single wick Spring candle

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Our Small Tin Spring Candle captures the essence of spring in Cornwall with its delightful scent notes of ylang ylang, geranium, and oakmoss. Immerse yourself in the invigorating fragrance of this captivating candle, contained within a single-wick tin that brings a refreshing and enchanting ambiance to any space.

Experience the uplifting and floral notes of ylang ylang as they fill the air, evoking the beauty of springtime in Cornwall. The vibrant and invigorating aroma of ylang ylang awakens your senses, creating a lively and energizing atmosphere that uplifts your mood and rejuvenates your space.

Indulge in the delicate and captivating essence of geranium, as its sweet floral fragrance gently unfolds. The enchanting aroma of geranium adds a touch of elegance and romance to your surroundings, reminiscent of blooming flowers in a Cornish garden. Allow the subtle and soothing scent of geranium to create a tranquil and serene ambiance that envelops your space.

Let the earthy and mossy tones of oakmoss infuse your home with a sense of natural beauty. The invigorating aroma of oakmoss revitalizes your surroundings, bringing a touch of the outdoors and a connection to the stunning landscapes of Cornwall in spring.

As the candle burns, the fragrance evolves, and the base notes of musk emerge, providing a warm and comforting foundation to the scent. The gentle musk undertones add depth and sensuality, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere that enhances relaxation and blissful moments.

Our Small Tin Spring Candle is meticulously crafted using high-quality ingredients and a premium soy wax blend, ensuring a clean and even burn. The single wick design provides a controlled and intimate lighting experience, while the compact tin makes it perfect for smaller spaces or for taking the refreshing scent with you wherever you go.

Ignite the spirit of spring in Cornwall with our Small Tin Spring Candle. Allow the captivating blend of ylang ylang, geranium, and oakmoss to transport you to the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant energy of this season. Embrace the vitality and serenity of spring and infuse your space with the refreshing scents inspired by Cornwall. Experience the beauty of a Cornish spring with our exquisite Small Tin Spring Candle.

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