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The Cornish Scent Company

Room & Linen Spray Spring

Room & Linen Spray Spring

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Enhance your home with the essence of spring using our Spring Room/Linen Spray. Experience the invigorating scents of ylang-ylang, geranium, and oakmoss as they infuse your living spaces with the enchantment of blooming flowers and sunlit gardens.

Awaken your senses with the uplifting notes of ylang-ylang, creating a blissful and invigorating ambiance. Indulge in the alluring essence of geranium, adding elegance and serenity to your surroundings. Let the earthy tones of oakmoss provide a grounding and inviting backdrop, enveloping your space in warmth and comfort.

Crafted with high-quality fragrance oils, our Room/Linen Spray ensures a long-lasting and consistent scent experience. Simply spritz to instantly transform your home with the captivating scents of spring. Immerse yourself in the refreshing and vibrant energy of our Spring Room/Linen Spray, embracing the pure bliss of ylang-ylang, geranium, and oakmoss, and elevating your living spaces with the essence of the season.

Net volume: 100ml

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