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Vacuum & Bin Discs Summer

Vacuum & Bin Discs Summer

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Enhance your cleaning routine with our Cornish Summer Vacuum Discs. Infused with lemongrass, lily, bergamot, and musk, they fill your home with a refreshing fragrance. Uplifting lemongrass brings energy, while delicate lily adds elegance. The refreshing bergamot revitalizes, and musk provides comfort. Place the discs in your vacuum bag or canister for a long-lasting, pleasant scent throughout your cleaning. Elevate your cleaning experience with the enchanting scents of Cornish Summer Vacuum Discs, transforming your space into a revitalizing oasis. Caution: Keep away from children and pets, and check with your vacuum manufacturer for usage risks before using.

Pack contains 6 scented discs. 

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